Why Second Dates Are Important Than The First Date?

Here you will know why second dates are important than the first date. Between the first and second dates, of course, the second date is very important. If we are to believe dating professionals, the first date would less be important in the beginnings of a romantic relationship.

Generally, single people feel anxious when they date someone the first time. Moreover, having no dating experience, they make a lot of mistakes and make bad impressions on the first date. But if he gets a chance for a second date, he can correct his mistakes.

10 Reasons Why Second Dates Are Important Than The First Date

Here are some tips to help you understand why the second date is very important than the first date. This check is also essential when you are dating online. According to a study, 28% of people between 18 and 25 are on dating sites. And you would be surprised to know that the number of dating sites on the Internet is over two thousand. So let’s start.

A second date, one that proves that we are interested

Why second dates are important

One of the reasons why the 2nd date would ultimately be the most important is that it shows interest in the other. The first date often acts as a test, especially when we met on an app like Tinder or match.com, and the exchanges have never gone beyond simple messages.

The first meeting is then the opportunity to discover the person “in real life,” his tone of voice, his way of expressing himself, of standing, his gaze, and whether there is alchemy or not.

By accepting a second date, we show that we want to meet again, to pursue something. An anything but harmless decision, revealing a certain interest in the person in front of us. This ultimately makes the second meeting an event with all the more important stakes.

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More objective than the first

“When you first meet someone, you know so little about them that you put too much emphasis on the smallest details,” continues Helen Fisher. “Your date might say a stupid thing, and you assume that means he or she isn’t that smart. But data shows the more you get to know a person, the more you get to like them. . “

Unlike the first meeting, the second allows you to understand the person in front of you in a more balanced, more realistic way that’s why you more fun with him. We turn less easily, and we begin to see if our “crush” in a more global way and not as a series of boxes to check. A good way to know if you want to continue with it or not.

A second meeting that confirms or not the alchemy

The second meeting is also an opportunity to confirm or not the alchemy felt during the first date. Shooted from the meeting’s stress and excitement, we sometimes feel crazy chemistry during the first date, almost absent during the second date, once the pressure has subsided.

Conversely, the second date can be the opportunity to see in a new light, a person who we consider interesting but with whom we have not necessarily felt more chemistry than that during the first date. “A second appointment is especially great when you’re not sure how to feel about the person after the 1st date,” therapist Alyson Cohen tells Cosmo US.

The untruth is a rule of the first date

Why second dates are important

This is another reason Why second dates are important than the first date.
We spoke to you recently about a widespread phenomenon in the world of dating: lying.

A lot of people lie on the first date. There is a lie, which means that you do not want to offend the other. The lie can then take the form of exaggeration, give yourself a little more important than and try to impress the other.

And finally, some lie when it comes to talking about their former partners by inflating the number of ex-partners, for example.

For more information, go to the video above! And if not, we suggest you take a look at this explanatory book by Neon on married life!

Learn more about each other’s tastes

On the first date, you may not get enough information about the other person’s likes, concerns, and concerns. Even if you have met that boy or girl you like in the free chat and you have had several conversations online to find out more about each other, maybe that and the first date were not enough for you.

You need to know more details about the other, share more information, ask more questions, and do a little more research. The second date will provide you with this valuable opportunity.

You will be able to delve into their hobbies and discover more things that you have in common (or that you do not have in common if the meeting does not go through the channels you expect).

Adopt your expectations to reality

The second date can also help you adapt your expectations more precisely to reality. We always tend to idealize the person we like and even more so if we have developed a platonic love relationship.

Whatever your case, the normal thing is that you have formed a mental idea of ​​the desired person. The image that, in general, has no necessary connection with reality.

Calm the nerves

Why second dates are important

On the 1st date, it is normal to be nervous and that the other is too. You may not behave very spontaneously and naturally in this nervous situation, and you may not convey a true image of who you really are.

The second date will help you calm your nerves and behave more spontaneously. It will be easier for you to relax and not continually think about making a good impression on the other.

Have more information about the decision

On a second date, the couple will also collect more information to make a final decision about that potential relationship. You will have more arguments to assess whether or not to continue staying.

This will minimize the risks of the most crucial decision you have to make in the run-up to a relationship.

Just for a friendship?

And the decision you make after a second date may be that this boy or girl is not the partner you were looking for, but it can be a good friendship.

Even if your original intention was not this, in relationships, you cannot follow a pre-established rigid script as this would inevitably lead to failure. Together with the information collected in the successive appointments, the feelings should be the arguments that lead you to decide on this type.

Don’t rush

In short, the second date can be of great help to not rush and make the right decision for your interests and future. With the second date, you give yourself a new opportunity to decide and get it right. Ignore friends who urge you to make a hasty decision – this will not help you at all.

There are too many myths and preconceptions about the first date that is not true. Who has not heard that if there is no chemistry and kiss on the first date, it is better to let it go? These myths and ideas are based on mistaken beliefs but assumed by many people.

And they are myths that completely underestimate the need and importance of a second date. Each person and each relationship are different: some will only need a date to intuit that they are made for each other, but others may require a second or third date to discover chemistry and attraction.

Don’t get carried away by preconceptions and go your own way. It is the best advice we can give you. Happy date!

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I hope you have understood why second dates are important than the first date. 2nd date is really a good sign; it helps you to choose the right partner. If you pass this meeting, you will have the privilege of having to pass the 3rd.

And there, it will still be necessary to move up a gear. At that point, the girl you covet knows what she wants to do with you. If you managed your second date well, you would have come a long way!

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