Why Doesn’t My Boyfriend Love Me? (11 Real Reason)

Many girls asked that, why doesn’t my boyfriend love me? This is a serious issue, but this problem can be possible to solve. Love cannot be achieved by force, and it happens through the union of two human minds. When a relationship starts, they have a lot of love, but in some relationships, it gradually diminishes. However, there are some reasons why a boy may not love a girl. In this guide, you will learn why your boyfriend doesn’t love you.

11 Reasons Why My Boyfriend Doesn’t Love Me

Sometimes we come across the situation that we like a person, and it is not reciprocal. We fantasize about dating her, we get closer, we become her friend, we gain confidence, and we jump in. And wow. Or we ask her to leave and silent. The point is that he does not want you as a couple, and the explanation he gives you at the moment seems improvised, an excuse.

The reality is that it is highly unlikely that it is a thoughtful explanation. Most people do not have the time or stop to think about why they do not want to be with another person as a couple. But that does not mean that the feeling is less valid. The reasons why this feeling exists can be many and very varied. Such as-

Reason Number 1: 

Different ideological, political, ways of seeing life, etc.

Reason Number 2:

Incompatibilities from day to day, little things that he has realized that as a couple, he would not endure.

Reason Number 3:

Lack of things in common, same interests, hobbies, etc.

Reason Number 4:

Different life goals (e.g.: one wants to live in another country and the other doesn’t, one wants daughters and the other doesn’t, etc.)

Reason Number 5:

Lack of communication is one of the main reasons that decreases your boyfriend feeling for you. If you don’t communicate properly, your boyfriend doesn’t love you yet anymore.

Reason Number 6:

In a relationship, when will your boyfriend knows you are needy, then he can break up the relationship, and he will doesn’t love you.

Reason Number 7:

Your boyfriend may ignore you if you don’t listen to your boyfriend. So If you want a healthy relationship, you must care about this matter.

Reason Number 8:

Another reason why your boyfriend doesn’t want to relationship with you is that: you don’t respect your boyfriend’s time.

Reason Number 9:

A long-distance relationship can be another reason to decrease your boyfriend’s love.

Reason Number 10:

Lack of attraction, chemistry. Without chemistry and attraction in a relationship, your boyfriend can be break up with you.

Reason Number 11:

Incompatible personalities. Some studies have shown that the most valued traits in people are grouped into two sets: affection (affectionate, friendly, considerate, etc.) and competence, which includes social skills and intelligence.

My Boyfriend Doesn’t Love Me What Should I Do?

What can we do when the person we like doesn’t love us? When it comes to our first love, then it’s a severe issue. First, think about what you are really looking for and if you really love him or not. Ask yourself why you want to be with him. This question is important because there are a series of factors that have nothing to do with love that can push us to want to be with someone. Let’s see some examples:

The fear of loneliness

Actually, you want to be with that person because you do not know how to be alone or for fear of being alone, and in this case, it is best to have a few sessions with a psychologist to help you deal with this issue before embarking on a relationship.


This case is quite likely, especially if you have known the person for a relatively short time. With the hormonal cascade that infatuation causes, it is easy to mistake it for love. Falling in love only lasts for a while, and when it passes, real love is seen or not.

You do not choose who you fall in love with, but who you end up loving, so, even if it is hard if yours is a capricious crush and he does not want to be with you, it is best to let it be before doing more unnecessary harm.


why doesn’t my boyfriend love me

You may only want to be with him because he attracts you sexually, and you mix it with love for various reasons, such as the hormonal kick that it causes you, infatuation or fear of being alone, or because in the culture in which we live sex and love are closely associated.

In this case, that he loves you is not an indispensable requirement to be with him. You do not need to be aware of yourself or anything that you can associate with the condition of loving. Be sincere and establish the relationship that you both want.


If you really love him, the only thing you can do is reveal your feelings to him so that he knows if you want. But if he doesn’t love you, and he told you, and you know it, that’s it. Do not insist. The world is full of wonderful people to love, and there are many ways to love and love.

You can find another who loves you the same as you love him or not. That they do not love you romantically or not have a loving relationship is not a sign of failure or that you are not lovable. They can love you in many ways, and your life can continue to be full.

He does not love you. You do It’s like a stab, but the world doesn’t end. So, this is all about if you are looking for the answer, ‘Why doesn’t my boyfriend love me.’

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