7 Clear Signs She Doesn’t Like You More Than a Friend

Today I’m going to help you spot the signs she doesn’t like you more than a friend. Those who prove that you are in the dreaded situation: you want to have a romantic relationship with a woman who, on her side, sees you only as a friend.

When a person doesn’t like you, you feel it, you notice it, and even if you bury that feeling of rejection under a thousand excuses or other justifications, it will eventually come to the surface. It is important that both sides of the coin are directly in your head. So if a girl you’re talking to is holding back from all physical contact, that could be a big clue that she doesn’t see you more than a friend.

7 Subtle Signs She Doesn’t Like You More Than a Friend

Finally, I’m going to share some signs that your girlfriend doesn’t like you more than a buddy. So keep reading this article carefully.

1.She Never Sends You The First Message

When it’s finally you who takes the first step, she always takes a long time to answer you.

It starts badly… Unless you think she’s doing it on purpose!

2.No Time For You

signs she doesn't like you

It is obvious that she also has a life, obligations, other plans organized for a very long time, or even unforeseen events. But over time, it’s above all a sign that she doesn’t love you and that she doesn’t want to invest more time and energy at this beginning of a love story.

Take my word for it, if she was really interested, she would do anything in her power to make a place for you on her schedule. As the saying goes: “When you want, you can!”

3.She Always Comes Accompanied During Your Appointments

  • She finally agreed to another date? Cool!
  • She even agreed to several other dates? Very cool!
  • Does she always come with someone? Less cool!

Because you have only one desire: to spend time with her and only with her… And that is understandable!

But while you crave sweet one-on-one moments, she takes every opportunity to invite her best friend or your gang of pals to join you, turning every romantic date into a group outing.

If, at first, her attitude may be a way of discreetly approaching you, be sure that in the long run, that means something quite different.

4.She Always Plays Cupids

This is another sign she doesn’t like you more than a friend. If she constantly plays the role of matchmaker by pushing you into the arms of other women, know that she definitely takes you for a friend.

Because best of times: she really loves you very much (FRIENDLY speaking) and she wants to see you happy. So simple!
in other words, she’s trying to fit you in.

Maybe with a girlfriend (you can’t say I didn’t warn you just above!), So she’ll help you find that rare gem and you, you’ll stay…

5.It Is Not Tactile

Eh yes! In love, the importance of body language is no longer to be proven.

When we are charmed by someone, it is quite natural to want a certain closeness. And very often, these connections are made naturally, a bit like the two poles of a magnet.

Of course, you don’t have to give her a huge hug or give you a languid kiss worthy of the greatest rose water movies. Trust me, dear, holding hands with a lot of emotions is enough

6.She Refers To You As a Friend

signs she sees you as a friend

If the person you like addresses you as a friend while introducing you to his friends or coworkers, you will understand that she doesn’t like you.

7.She Is Not Willing To Meet Up with you

I would say this is probably the biggest one signs a girl doesn’t like you. So the biggest sign that she’s not interested in you is that she’s not willing to meet up with you, or she keeps putting it off. Like I just said a second ago, the number one sign she is not interested in that she does not agree to see you, and she does not agree to be on a date with you.

5  True Signs Your Crush Sees You As A Friend

signs she just want you as a friend

Sometimes, love is a one-way street. No matter how badly we want to be with someone, they may see us as just a friend.

And hey! That’s their right, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It still might come as a major blow. Maybe you’re wondering right now how your crush feels about you. Do they share the same love and attractions you do? Or is it strictly pentatonic? Well, we’ve identified 5 signs that your crush only wants to be their friend, nothing more.

1. You Are Always Initiating

Think deeply about all the times you’ve hung out with your crush. Are you always the one suggesting it out? Are you the only one giving settle hints? Buying them coffee or giving them little compliments? Maybe you’ve made a move once or twice. Have they done any of these things in return? Not? That might be a sign they’re just not feeling it.

2. You Two Only Hang Out In Groups

Are you ever alone with your crush? Or does it seem like one or two people are hanging around as well? Maybe this is just a coincidence. But if you never have a chance, even just to spend a few hours alone together, then your crush probably just sees you as just a friend. It’s not that they don’t value your company. Some people feel more comfortable hanging out in a group setting with their friends.

3. They Talk About Their Crushes With You

Sometimes, people actually talk about their crushes with the people they like. They might want to see if they get jealous, but for the most part, it’s a sign that they see as just a friend. It’s definitely not a bad thing. After all, people only share these kinds of intent secrets with people they really trust. Physically, they see you as a good listener, someone they can divide it. Since they’re openly talking about other romantic partners with you, they probably don’t have romantic feelings for you.

4. You Have Already Been Friends For a While

How long have you’ve known your crush? Did you just meet them, or have you been crushing on them for a few years? We’ll be honest; it’s not looking good if you’ve known them for quite a while and you’ve already settled in a friendly relationship.

If it hasn’t bloomed into something more yet, it probably never will. The most common reason is that people don’t want to ruin a big friendship or to lose a close friend. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. Sometimes, people that had been friends for years suddenly realize that they’re madly in love with each other. But if you’re not living a romantic comedy, it’s not likely.

5. Their Body Language Says It All

If you really can’t understand to read body language, It’s easy to tell if somebody’s attracted to you or not. We’ve actually talked about this quite a bit in our other videos. It’s a fascinating subject. What you’re looking for from your crush is open body language.

Examples would be open/outstretched palms or even uncrossed legs. Closed body language includes things like clutching a bag tightly, crossed arms, and lack of eye contact. Your crush might also make excuses to make physical contact with you if they like you. If your crush isn’t exhibiting at least some level of body language, they probably don’t think of you in that way.

11 Greatest Signs She Likes You More Than a Friend

  1. She sends a cute message.
  2. She likes and comments on your social media post.
  3. She remembers your all-important date like a birthday
  4. She shares her feelings with you.
  5. She is shy and makes subtle hints.
  6. They don’t refer to you as a friend.
  7. She tries to be alone with you.
  8. She was happy and relaxed when she around you.
  9. She openly flirts with you.
  10. She tries to make you jealous.
  11. She calls you when she is sad.


If you recognize yourself in this article, only one solution is available to you: run away! Bonus: if you don’t like running, you can also go for it all and try to turn it around.
Who knows?

Maybe it just wasn’t a good time!

There are the real signs she doesn’t like you more than a friend. If you need to shed more light on your situation, don’t hesitate any longer, stay connected with me for more info about this issue.

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