10 True Subtle Signs He Wants To Make Love To You

Men are always pigeonholed as superficial and unemotional. It is thought that they only go through life seeking to satisfy their sexual needs. But this is a lie. Because even if they don’t recognize it, they are also looking for love. To help you learn to identify the signs that a man wants to be intimate with you, we share some of them based on information. So, let’s see the signs he wants to make love to you.

What Is The Signs He Wants To Make Love To You?

Many of us fall in love. Love is born from feeling good in the heart. But if we know that the person is interested then it is very easy to get close to the person. Let’s not know some signs he wants to approach you.

1.Features Of His Face

You’ll see their pupils dilate, making the black part of the eye go from small to large. This happens especially when there are peaks of excitement, your presence for example.

2.He Looks You Up And Down

Sometimes it can be uncomfortable when a man stares at you and doesn’t take his eyes off you.
But this is one of the main signs of desire. If he watches you a lot, even when you are not seeing him, he tells you that you look pretty, flatters your hair or your clothes. It is very likely that he wants something with you.

3.He Touches His Nose a Lot

signs he wants to make love to you

Now I’m gonna tell you other signs he is making love to you. Unless he has a cold, this is a clear sign of desire. A study published by the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, states that a man’s nose and his erectile tissue are linked.

4.Prepare His Room For You

And by this I mean pay special attention that the space is pleasant for when you arrive. Tidy up his room, light a candle, arrange the decorations, and maybe even set the mood with a little perfume and good music.

This is another signs he wants to make love to you. This attitude shows that he has the idea of sensuality in his mind. At some point in his life, he learned that a cleanroom is the first step to seduction.

5.He Speaks Very Softly To You

Men tend to lower their voices when they are “turned on” and have sexual intentions with their partner, indicates a study from Albright College. Also, pay attention to whether he uses double-meaning words.

6.He Asks You About Your Intimate Life

If a guy is interested in learning more about your intimacy, it is most likely because he wants to be next. Does one way or another always take the conversation to the realm of sex?

So, it’s measuring you.

He’s seeing if he can find out a little more about what you like and what his chances are with you. He’s risking you showing him your worst disapproving face or blushing so he can see how far he can go.

7.He Looks Nervous

signs he is making love to you

Feeling nervous is is another sign he wants to make love to you. The excitation causes an increase in blood pressure that may make some parts of the body feel a tingle, causing lick lips or ears scratching.

8.He Always Writes You Very Late At Night

He writes poems every day for you is a great sign he enjoys making love to you. This is a more than known habit. Do you only talk to your friends and family during the week? But suddenly, Friday night arrives, and a shower of male messages appears asking you:

What are you doing tonight?

Let me tell you that any message after 11 pm has only one goal: to get you straight to bed. And do not expect a romantic dinner before because it is clear that he is not considering that time.


Let’s be honest; many men are lazy and will go for easy prey. If you see that this guy tries hard to seduce you and offer you what you especially like, it is because he really cares about you. Does he get up to make you breakfast? Well, this is a sign that he cares that you are really comfortable with him.

An easy way to know your intentions is to eliminate the possibility of sex immediately. They may become disappointed and angry and quickly stop paying attention to you. Or that instead, he seeks to conquer you even more because he really likes you.

10.He Likes To Hold You

A great sign to know if he is more than comfortable with you. As if after sex he stays hugging you. If a man is in love he will love to bring out his most romantic side and stay close to you for as long as possible.
If to this, you add:

  • Soft and tender caresses
  • Take your hand
  • Kisses you deeply

Eh, yes. You know this man melts for you.

You cannot ask for more; I have left you a perfect guide to know if he wants to take you to bed exclusively or if he also has a deeper interest in you. But let’s face it, many times, neither they nor we are 100% clear about what we are looking for in a relationship.

So the most important thing is that you focus on what you really feel, what makes you feel good, and what he generates for you.

If you really like him and your instinct tells you that he feels the same way, just let yourself go naturally and with less analysis. If your boyfriend doesn’t love you read this article.

What Does It Mean When a Man Says He Wants To Make Love To You?

When a man says he wants to make you love that means, the boy likes you so much, and he wants you as a life partner. Maybe you are her first love, so she is trying to seduce you differently.

How To Tell Him You Want To Make Love?

how to tell him you want to make love

Proposing to someone when you truly love them is a very complicated matter. A lot of fear will work in your mind when you go to propose to your girlfriend. I know these things very well because I went through all these things a long time ago. But don’t worry. Now I will give you some special tips on how to tell your favorite person that you love him.

  1. At first, prepare yourself.
  2. Be confident.
  3. Select a place that you can propose to him without any hesitation or called him for a candlelight dinner.
  4. And finally, take a rose and propose to him.


A relationship meaning is one connection between two people, especially one involving romantic or sexual feelings. In the end, the best experiences appear when you least expect them. So, here is the 10 signs he wants to make love to you. Best of luck.

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