11 True Signs a Guy Has Never Had a Girlfriend

Are you looking for someone who is single and has never been in a relationship with anyone? Then you came to the right place. In this article, you will learn signs a guy has never had a girlfriend. So that you can tell others proudly my boyfriend has never had a girlfriend before.

This guide will help you to find a good partner who has never been in a relationship. If you ever noticed something strange about a boy that caught your eye, read this article and learn to decipher the signs a boy never had a girlfriend.

11 Subtle Signs a Guy Has Never Had a Girlfriend

Choose the right partner is not easy for a girl. A woman, before involving in a relationship, must check if his partner single or not. But how do you know if a guy has never had a girlfriend? Don’t worry! Now we are going to tell you about some signs a guy has never had a girlfriend. Let’s get started.

1.His Room Is Infrequent

But why is his room so messy? It’s impossible that a girl could have spent any night here. Worse, you can’t even imagine spending more than 2 minutes there without wanting to run away! And if the guy doesn’t have a bedside table, he’s got nowhere to keep his condoms. No condoms, not used to having girlfriends. It’s as simple as that.

2.Furniture Can Accommodate One Person

There are signs in the space where he lives that he never had a girlfriend or anyone to share his time with. If in his living room you only find a video game chair, a recliner, a camping chair, it means that he never shared the space with another person, therefore he did not need a two-seater sofa were to snuggle.

3.He Doesn’t Know How To Cook At All!

If the guy has trouble cooking an egg and sticks his pasta, red alert! Even the guy who doesn’t know how to cook at least knows how to cook a meal properly in order to attract girls to his apartment. Whoever does not know any kind of cooking… has never had a girlfriend!

4.He Knows How To Cook Everything (he’s a real starred chef)

Some good looking guys no girlfriend because they do not like to spend their valuable time and cost their money on girls. Extremes are rarely good.

If the guy has the level to win the next Top Chef and loves spending 10 minutes explaining the difference between a chiffonade and a julienne or that between shortcrust pastry and shortbread (homemade), ask yourself how he had time to accumulate so much knowledge? Because he never had a girlfriend, of course!

5.He Is Unromantic

guys who have never had a girlfriend

This is another sign a guy has never had a girlfriend is that he is unromantic. In a relationship, girls are looking for a romantic boy. Girls think that if they fall in love with romantic boys, they will be happy in life. So wants a romantic man as a life partner. So we can say that all the boys who are unromantic are basically single.

6.He Boasts Of Being Ambidextrous While Playing Pool

If the boy has had enough time to play pool perfectly with both hands, he has had too much time to practice. And no girlfriend, of course, because if he had had one, he would have practiced more in the art of love than in billiards.

7.His Hobbies Are Exclusively Male

Does he like fishing, football, motorsports, and astronomy? He doesn’t know anything, but then nothing at all about female hobbies? In any case, it is not by practicing his hobbies that he could have met many girls.

8.Don’t Know What a Cosmopolitan Is

There are drinks that are specially prepared for women, and if he has no idea what they are, then he hasn’t spent too much time with any ladies.
Only men, friends, but no woman to give you the guideline of which are the drinks that we prefer.

9.He Has No Wine In His Cupboard

signs a guy never had a girlfriend

There is a fundamental fact, and that is that after a good date, the man invites the woman a glass of good wine. If instead of that there is only beer, rum, or any other drink, it means that the boy never needed a bottle of wine to entertain any lady.

10.His Toilets

No toilet paper? Is the bezel constantly raised? The hunt is not always drawn? Girls go to pee a LOT, and if he was around some of them a little more regularly, he would know and would leave a few sheets of PQ handy. What a bastard. Well, no, he’s just a hardened bachelor!

11.He Is Very Shy With Women

Eh, Yes! When you introduce him or a girl approaches him, he becomes another person, does not do or say anything. It’s a clear sign that guys who have never had a girlfriend.

What percentage of guys never have a girlfriend?

According to survey data, 61% of single boys between the ages of 18 and 34 do not have a girlfriend. But in the case of girls, it is a little different. According to the survey, about 50% of girls have no boyfriend. From all this information it can be inferred that boys are living single life than girls. If you have never been in a relationship 21, then you are really unlucky.

4 Huge Signs a Girl Has Never Had a Boyfriend

Here are some signs a girl has never had a boyfriend.

  1. She always busy playing the game with the phone.
  2. She becomes shy when he talks to any boy.
  3. She doesn’t know how to open Facebook.
  4. She doesn’t know how to text a boy.

How To Know If a Guy Has a Girlfriend?

Here is some sign that the boy has a girlfriend.

  • He status on Facebook he in a relationship.
  • When a boy is involved in a relationship, he gets out of his friend zone. This is a great sign he has a girlfriend.
  • When a boy loves someone, he writes a love poem.
  • He always busy talking on his phone to someone he loves.
  • If a boy relationship with a girl, he always busy chatting. This is another great sign.

4 Reason Why You’ve Never Had A Girlfriend?

There is something wrong if you have never had a girlfriend at 20 or 30. In this post, I will discuss why you didn’t get a girlfriend.

Why You've Never Had A Girlfriend

You Are Not Pretty

Although many people do not give much importance to external beauty, for everyone, external beauty is everything. If you are not beautiful, then it’s not easy to get a girlfriend. Nowadays, all-girls expect a beautiful boyfriend. Now no one loves by looking at someone’s heart. Girls judge a boy by looking at his beauty, whether he is good or bad, which is not right at all.

You Have No Money

One of the biggest reasons you never had a girlfriend at your 25 is that you have less money or money. In today’s world, money is everything to us. If you are not rich, then no woman wants to relationship with you. If you not pretty but you have a lot of money, then no girl will refuse you. Most of the girls will want you as their boyfriend.

Body Language

If your body language not ok then you will face some problems in getting a girlfriend. If you date a girl the first time, then the girl will scan your whole body. Then if your body language and eye contact didn’t okay, the girl might cancel the date. So you have to more confident when you meet a woman.

High Expectation

Every boy hopes he will get a good and honest girlfriend. But never over-expectation is good. You have to understand that no human is perfect, not even you. If your expectations are too high, you will never get a girlfriend. I’m not telling you that you shouldn’t look for the perfect one. It would help if you looked for the perfect one, but it would be better to lower your expectations a little.


So, here is the Signs a guy has never had a girlfriend. If you have recently met a boy, and he meets all or some of these conditions of not having had a girlfriend, be prepared that you will have to teach him a lot about women and relationships. But do not despair, nothing is impossible in the art of seduction!

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