Is It Normal To Lose Attraction To Your Partner?

Is it normal to lose attraction to your partner when you are dating or married life? You asked this question because you have low feelings, even no feelings for your partner. It’s a normal issue to lose attraction when your relationship is old. But don’t worry if this happens in the case of a new marriage. If you follow our tips well, you will get the solution to the problem.

Is It Normal To Lose Interest In Your Partner?

In the case of a new relationship, the husband and wife have a magnetic attraction. In the beginning, they love each other a lot. But as their relationship gets older, the attraction between them gradually diminishes. Loss of attraction is very common in old relationships, but many times, problems can arise.


Why I no longer want to sleep with my partner?

Is It Normal To Lose Attraction To your Partner

The causes of loss of interest in sex can be many: stress, depression, erectile dysfunction, hormonal imbalances associated with age, medications, low self-esteem, chemistry, and relationship problems.

It is also possible that you have been unfaithful, and since then, your partner no longer puts you on or that you are bored having sex with her.

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Why Do Lose Attraction To Your Partner?


They get bored with each other

Stability and security are necessary ingredients in a healthy relationship but are accommodated to make a predictable and boring relationship.

As human beings, we are programmed to seek and enjoy the news. Getting too familiar with your partner can negatively affect your attraction between you.

You have unresolved grudges

The couple arguments, whether on money, infidelity, sex, children, decisions, family problems, or an unequal sharing of responsibilities at home, can bring out resentment if not resolved so fair and respectful.

The resentment distances you and makes you angry, and that carries over to the relationship in the form of less attraction.

Stop behaving like a romantic partner

It is effortless for couples to activate automatic pilot and limit themselves to fulfilling day-to-day tasks and barely stop to nurture the romantic side of the relationship.

Instead of kissing and catching up on the day, they focus on the chores: making dinner, helping the children with homework, taking the dog for a walk, cleaning the kitchen, getting ready for bed, and so on every day.

Unconsciously, many people get stuck in their other day-to-day roles (father, boss, caregiver of other people) and end up communicating with their partner in the same way. In the long term, he ends up changing his image in the eyes of his partner, and attraction is reduced.

Don’t take care of each other like before

When a couple has many things to do (of course), taking time to take care of themselves is difficult. The effort you previously devoted to taking care of your appearance and feeling good is no longer the same, affecting how you find yourself and how your partner perceives you.

Taking care of yourself is not just about aesthetics: it is also about being healthy, feeling confident, improving your mood, and having the energy to go out and enjoy life.

Many people consider it vanity, but we owe it to ourselves and our partners to be the best version of ourselves, which includes eating healthy, resting, exercising, and taking care of mental health,” argues family and marriage.

What to do if you are no longer attracted?

Is It Normal To Lose Attraction To your Partner

If you have noticed that the attraction you felt for your partner has diminished, do not think that the relationship is doomed to failure. Here are the tips from the experts to fix the problem.

First, ask yourself when you started to feel less attracted

Mohali recommends starting with the following questions to determine the source of the problem:

Was it a sudden or gradual loss of attraction?

What happened before you noticed the change?

How have you tried to solve the problem, and what results have you achieved?

Maybe the change has nothing to do with the other person

Before blaming yourself, reflect on the role you may have played in that loss of attraction. Perhaps it is something you do not like about yourself that you are passing on to your partner.

Or maybe you no longer try as hard as you did at the beginning of the relationship, influencing your partner’s behavior.

For example, if you were more kind and patient with your partner, and now you have less patience and are more inflexible, it is normal for him to change his behavior.

This means that the person begins to behave less romantically and cares less about impressing you.

Drastic changes in life – such as the death of a loved one, a health problem, or a layoff – can cause feelings of loss and grief that, if not addressed well, sometimes pay off with the partner.

Prioritize time as a couple, even if you have other things to do

If you don’t even remember the last time you had an evening where you just dressed up and went to dinner, danced at a concert, saw a movie, or did something fun together, it’s no wonder the flame went out.

The most frequent mistake I see among couples who have stopped attracting each other is that they settle down or stress too much and consequently they do not give importance to their role as a couple, so make sure to date as a couple.

Even making space in your schedule to be together at home (shaking hands, snuggling together, talking about serious issues) can work miracles.

Take time to be intimate. Take time each day to talk without interruption. Be present. Stay tuned. Deepen your knowledge of the other person’s love language and thereby improve your communication.

Try doing something different together

Research shows that relationships often improve when both partners embark on a new hobby, visit a new place, or introduce novelties to the bedroom. Seeing your partner in a new light may help regain attraction.

If you decide to tell your partner that you are not so attracted to it anymore, do so tactfully.

I often encourage people to first think about whether revealing that feeling can make a difference. If that’s the case, be sure to reveal it tactfully and sensitively, not as criticism or accusation.

Since these conversations are often charged with emotions, the psychologist and sex therapist Shannon Chavez advises that you focus on explaining the changes you have perceived in the relationship and making it clear that your goal is to relight the flame.

The sooner you go to couples therapy, the better

Having the help of a professional is very useful, considering how delicate the problem is. It would help if you did not wait until you are on the verge of breaking up to go to the psychologist. The sooner, the better.

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I hope you get an answer, is it normal to lose attraction to your partner or not? If you lose your attraction, don’t worry! Please read our article update your self-esteem and confidence you will get a good result very soon.

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