How To Do a Background Check On Someone You Are Dating?

Want to know how to do a background check on someone you are dating? This guide will really help you. Online dating sites like Bumble, EliteSingles, OkCupid, Grindr, and many others help people find their true love. After finding your partner, your first task will be to check his background. In this guide, you will learn how important it is to check your partner’s identity.

6 Ways To Check Someone Background You Are Dating Online

If you are dating someone in real life, it is very easy to find out about them. And while dating online, It’s also much easier to find your partner’s information, but you have to need a proper guide.

Day by day online dating has become more popular. That’s why everyone likes to date online. We all also know it is not easy to check someone’s background when we date online, but every problem has one solution. In this guide, you will know step by step how to do a background check on someone you are dating online totally free.

Search Engine (Google)

How to do a background check on someone you are dating

We all know that Google is a repository of information. We can find anything through Google. You can easily find out the background of the person you are meeting online through Google. If you type his name in Google, all his information will come out.

If you want to get accurate data, then you can use Google’s advanced search technique. Suppose your partner’s name is John. In that case, you can search by quotation mark (“John”), then you will get very accurate information. If you want, you can search by typing their email, and then you can still find out a lot about him.

Background checker

In the current era, it is much easier to do someone’s background checks. Science has discovered many tools which you can check the background of anyone, even the person you are dating. is also a website through which you can find all the information about your partner. With this website (, you can easily check the background of your boyfriend/girlfriend. Just go to the website and search his country and name, and all his information will come out.

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How To Check Your Partner Background Using Social Media?

Another way to get to know someone is through social media. Women can find out their boyfriend’s lifestyle, family, and friends through social media because we give our real information on our social media. Moreover, when opening a social media account, we have to give the original name, high school, college, and address.

Here is a list of powerful social media you can easily check someone’s background and even your employees.


How to do a background check on someone you are dating

Facebook is popular social media. We usually use Facebook for entertainment and communication. Moreover, Facebook can be used for many other purposes. Anyway, I will discuss these topics later. Today we will talk about how to check someone’s background through Facebook.

Currently, everyone uses Facebook. What they do every day is known through their Facebook profile. When someone is involved in a relationship, they also give it a status on Facebook. People upload their photos, friends/girlfriends, and all their family members are on Facebook. Due to these activities, we have to know their identity easily.

 If the profile is locked, you wouldn’t be able to collect any information, but there are also many social media, you can collect information use them.


Everyone who has an idea about the internet will have heard the name of LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a viral social media. LinkedIn is a little different from all other social media. Because everyone on LinkedIn talks about their profession.

Now I give the good news that is people don’t create fake accounts on LinkedIn. So you will get accurate information on LinkedIn than other social media. So through LinkedIn, you will be able to check the background of the person you love. Because LinkedIn is a mine of information.


At one time, Twitter was popular only in America and Europe, but now Twitter is very popular worldwide. You can also identify the person you are in a relationship with on Twitter. In that case, if you search on Twitter by typing his username, all his information will come out.

Moreover, another advantage of Twitter is that it can be searched through filtering in different ways, not other social media. I hope that every boy/girl will be able to do a background investigation of their partner using this method.


How to do a background check on someone you are dating

You can easily identify your partner’s background through Instagram. Everyone shares their daily activities and photos on Instagram. If you are dating someone online, you will get many insights about his lifestyle through Instagram, like how much money he owns, his car is home, what kind of job he does, etc.

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The Importance Of Background Checks For Online Dating

You Should Do a Background Check when you are dating online or in real life. It’s essential to check someone’s background who you love. This will protect you from any mishap. Now you will know some important tips on why you should check someone’s background when dating online.

Criminal activity

I have seen many couples who have met online, dated online, and got married a few days later. Now, if you also want to get married by online dating, you must know that person’s identity well. Because that person may be a criminal. So you will must careful when dating online.

Scams Are Everywhere

Online dating is trendy nowadays. So everyone is dating online. That is why the amount of various online apps and websites is increasing day by day, as well as scams. But if you keep your eyes and ears open, then you will not face any problem.

Identities Faked Profile

There are advantages as well as disadvantages to online dating. You maybe know online dating is easy and popular. Because online dating is famous and easy, many people cheat by creating fake profiles, so you must be very careful to avoid these problems.


Dating is a stage of romantic and sexual relationships in Western societies. It’s very important to get to know each other. Dating is very important to get to know each other. You need to date the person you are going to marry or fall in love with to increase your chemistry.

You must check the background of the person before going on a date or relationship. If you have read the article carefully, then you will easily check someone’s background. I hope you liked this free method.

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